Dark Dark Dark

Dark Dark Dark est un groupe qui nous pénètre d’une émotion bouleversante’ – DROWNED IN SOUND (8/10, album conseillé)

‘Spectral… Ce sextet de folk de chambre acoustique plaira aux fans de Beirut.” – THE GUARDIAN UK

‘Meilleure découverte musicale de 2010′ – IMPOSE MAGAZINE

En mars 2010, Dark Dark Dark sort ‘Bright Bright Bright’ (ep) sur le label Supply & Demand, une suite à son premier album ‘The Snow Magic’ (2008)

Originaire de Nouvelle Orléans, de New York et Minneapolis, Dark Dark Dark s’interroge sur l’amour fuyant, les entraves du coeur et la solitude, pour finalement s’ouvrir à des horizons remplis d’espoir. “Ces chansons parlent de nouveaux départs, et ébauchent pour la plupart des tournants victorieux”, nous dit le membre de DDD Marshall LaCount. “Les chansons s’intéressent souvent à un personnage qui trouve sa place dans le monde, et aux étranges interactions qu’il rencontre dans son cheminement”.
Les chansons en résultant sont expansives et dynamiques, inscrivant la joie au centre de la démarche artistique.

Après avoir ouvert pour WHY? durant l’automne dernier, Dark Dark Dark a enregistré son nouveau disque aux studios Sacred Heart, une ancienne église surplombant le lac supérieur, produit par le minneapolien Tom Herbers (WHY?, Low, Retribution Gospel Choir, The Jayhawks, Fog). Herbers a enregistré, produit et mixé ‘Bright Bright Bright’ sur un équipement analogique. Le disque a été enregistré live profitant de l’alchimie unique du groupe et de la réverbération naturelle de la chapelle pour amplifier la puissance du live. LaCount explique: “Enregistrer ainsi laisse de l’espace à la musicalité, à la châleur et à l’énergie. C’est la manière la plus honnête dont nous ayons jamais travaillé”.

‘Bright Bright Bright’ est l’occasion d’accueillir de nouveaux membres dans le groupe, pour obtenir un son plus mélodique et entier. Le multi-instrumentaliste Walt McClements, des groupes de Nouvelle Orléans ‘Why Are Building Such a Big Ship’ et ‘Panorama Jazz Band’ joue de la trompette, de l’accordéon et du piano. Brett Bullion, membre de la formation minneapolienne ‘Tarlton’ est aux percussions.



Dark Dark Dark are a band of stunning emotional insight.” – DROWNED IN SOUND (8/10, Recommended Release)

“Spectral… This unplugged chamber-folk sextet will appeal to those who like Beirut (the band, that is).” – THE GUARDIAN UK

Best New Music of 2010. – IMPOSE MAGAZINE

Bright Bright Bright is a reflection of a more sanguine, auspicious direction for the band, with the group confidently expanding their sound and scope on these six new songs. But the dulcet vocals of Nona Marie Invie remain at the heart of these stirring songs, with her plaintive voice ringing true amid the rich, sonorous arrangements.
There are lush horns, strings, accordions, and the pleasing strains of a piano augmenting all of these intoxicating numbers. ”  CITY PAGES / MINNEAPOLIS

“Whatever the future holds for the band, Bright Bright Bright is filled with confident, fully-developed songs that are at once intimate and expansive, and represent a group that is focused intently on exploring both the peaks and depths of their own inspiration. ” THE LINE OF BESTFIT

7/10 – VICE

“Nona Marie Invie and Marshall LaCount’s vocals are as compatible as lovers and give all of their image-heavy words of stark atmospheric recognizance enough illumination to have no understanding of true dark. They’re mesmerizing in the way they work human frailty and susceptibility into the foggy membranes of the songs, spraying them with flurries and the winds that make you feel naked. They’re mesmerizing in the way that the cold feel pleasurable naked. ” DAYTROTTER

“It’s vivid stuff; as she sings, you can see the scene unfold right in front of you.” PROVIDENCE PHOENIX


On March 2010, Dark Dark Dark releases the stunning six-song EP ‘Bright Bright Bright’ on Supply and Demand Music. Hailing from New Orleans, New York, and Minneapolis, the chamber-folk sextet have yielded a lush and intoxicating follow-up to their 2008 full-length debut, the Snow Magic.

On the new record the band moves beyond lost love, heartache, and loneliness toward more hopeful horizons. “These songs are about new beginnings, and usually have a little triumphant twist in them,” says band member Marshall LaCount. “The songs are often about a character finding a place in the world, and the strange interactions that happen along the way.”

The resulting songs are expansive and dynamic, layered with serious overtones but with joy at the center.

After a successful run opening for the band WHY? last fall, Dark Dark Dark recorded the new EP at Sacred Heart Studios in a former church
overlooking Lake Superior, and worked with Minneapolis producer Tom Herbers (WHY?, Low, Retribution Gospel Choir, The Jayhawks,Fog).
Herbers engineered, produced, and mixed ‘Bright Bright Bright’ on analog equipment from start to finish. He encouraged the band to record live
as opposed to tracking instruments separately, taking advantage of the band’s unique chemistry and using the chapel’s natural reverb to amplify the power of their live performances. LaCount explains, “Recording like this allowed so much room for musicality, warmth, and energy. It’s the most honest way we’ve ever worked.”

‘Bright Bright Bright’ also features new additions to the band, resulting in a much fuller and melodic sound. Multi-instrumentalist Walt McClements, of the New Orleans bands Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship and Panorama Jazz Band plays trumpet, accordion, and piano. Brett Bullion, a member of the Minneapolis outfit Tarlton, adds percussion.

Dark Dark Dark is currently recording new material for their sophomore album (due Fall of 2010) at the historic Music Box Theatre in
Minneapolis with Tom Herbers again producing. Once completed, the band will tour in support of the EP, beginning with three SXSW showcases in Austin this March.

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